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My Review of the DeWalt DWD112 Heavy-duty 3/8" VSR Drill


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Great website. Just found you guys after I saw a review on another website. Anyways, not sure if I can post a review here or if this is only for the people who run this forum. Anyways I guess you can always delete or move this to the proper place. I just wanted to add my review of the Dewalt corded drill.

I’ve been using battery powered drills for several years now and have grown accustomed to the cord free nature and the power characteristics, but my two aging Craftsman drills are showing their age and were not up to the heavy duty demands of screwing up the ceiling in my garage so Saturday morning it was off to Canadian Tire and Home Depot I went. Looked at the generic brands at CT and decided if I was going to spend about $80 I may as well get a name brand drill. CT didn’t have that great of a selection so went to HD and looked at their several offerings.

I selected the Dewalt based on the 7 amp motor, the heft of it (heavier is better, my Dad always told me) and that it was variable speed and reversible (the last corded drill I bought many many years ago was neither). Keyless chucks seem to be the norm now. It fits very nicely into my tool belt, as long as I remember that I now have 6plus feet of power cord to contend with :-)

I like the long cord and was very impressed with the power. Jenn had a hard time not driving the screws through the OSB until she finally got used to the idea she was not using the battery drills anymore. Overall a nice tool, I like how it handles and the forward reverse toggle just above the trigger is easy to use and not in the way. My only beef is that it seems a bit touchy on the trigger so that the slightest squeeze seems to make it very fast… . I managed to get used to it after a few screws. I happened across the FWW review of hammer drills the evening after I bought this drill and was please to see that they think that a hammer drill is not really required for woodworking…which reflected my opinion when Jenn asked me why we didn’t buy a hammer drill.

Overall a nice drill and so far worth the 80 dollars.

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