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I have been in the remodeling business for sometime. All my jobs have been residential and small jobs. Recently I just bid and won a project where we have some demo involved on a small office building. I am not to familiar with the demo tools. I know what they are, but just need to get some opinions and what brand to go with. The main items we are doing are some concrete walls, floors and a couple other tough areas. I read through your Hilti, Bosch and Dewalt, but wanted to get some other opinions on which company to go with. I see you have something with Amazon, so I guess we can go through them once we dicide in a week or two (Do you or anyone know where to get a couple of coupons). We have to get three demo tools with some chisels and other bits. I want something to last since this will be a big purchase and would like to bid more of these jobs. Here are the tools we are looking at buying and thanks for your help.

Hilti - TE 805

Bosch - 11248EVS

Dewwalt - D25551K

Or if their are other tools you think would be better, I am open to suggestions.

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This is a tough question to answer. All three are great tools, but the Dewalt and Bosch are a closer comparision, while the Hilti you stated is a bigger tool and prorably more expensive. Your not going to go wrong with any of the drills, but the Hilti might be over kill if your not using it everday. If it is between the Bosch and the Dewalt, I like the Bosch. I haven't used one in a while, but when I did, the Bosch seemed nicer, not as hard on my hands. Again this was about 8 years ago, so maybe the drills have changes, I am sure they have.

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