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makita power drill help ?


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I currently have a makita 14.4 volt powerdrill, cordless. I am having a problem charging the battery for the drill. I purchased a new battery and this did not solve the problem. Do I buy a new charger and hope that that solves the problem, or buy a new kit? When looking for a makita dc1410 I can not find a charger anymore, does any one know if they make it?

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You could go either way. It sounds like the charger isn't working... but... here's the thing.. A bad charger can destroy a battery and it goes the other way around. If you have a service center close. I'd have them check all three parts; tool, battery, and charger. Keep in mind how much they are going to charge you to inspect them. If you end up replacing anything else it may come out better to buy a new tool.

Bat avg cost: $70-$90

Charger avg cost: $80-$120

New tool avg cost: $115+

Recon tool avg cost: $80+

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