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"The Interview" Sony Hack


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A stupid movie about two stoners trying to kill a Dictator, real life Dictator gets mad and hacks Sony, few days after the hack attack N.Korea's internet goes down ... oops.


Is a movie worth all this stupid attention or is this about more than the movie, freedom of speech, freedom to challenge authority. Sony backed down, the movie theaters backed down, but the American people told Sony they are WRONG for folding. Sony released the film.


Spreading like wildfire, this slapstick B-rated movie is now a patriotic obligation 


The Interview ... much debate and possibly the start of WW3 ? Either-way enjoy; 
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I wonder if Sony realized they a big crapper on their hands and tried to recoup some of their losses with a big hacker scam.


There not recouping there losses this movie has become an international insertions I would say there probably making 2-3 times the money compared to what would happen without all the politics, they also played the media even more by canceling it all together and then bringing it back. 

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