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Cool video about the Detroit Tank Arsenal


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This plant was litterlly in my back yard I head them testing M1 Abams tanks all the time before they closed the plant and moved production down to Lima Ohio. It's pretty cool being next to something steeped in so much history. I wish I could have got a tour before all the tank building equipment was moved. The factory main assembly building is stiff up but most of the auxiliary buildings have been knocked down over the years.

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I keep on trying to see were my house is in relation to the video. This house wasn't built till the 60's its pretty crazy they actually built a housing development here anyways. It's right on the corner of a big industrial commercial area to be honest my city went up way too fast during the post WW2 boom. Like the video said it was farm and swampland till WW2. My great grandfather hauled bricks to the plant. Then my grandfather and great grandfather worked for Strohs Brewery. The family got screwed on that deal when my grandfather passed away it would have been better if he had worked with the big 3 they had the better benefits with the UAW compared to their Teamsters contract.

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Very cool DR. After watching this and thing if they have to follow today building codes, regulations, and Environmental regulations they would still be building that plant today. We had the same thing here with the housing with Glen L. Martain. it's call aero acres all the streets are named after plane parts.

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