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Congrats Chrisk!


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That is awesome Chrisk, good on you!.......now I feel that much more secure while I visit my favorite forum.........

I see it now.....RRRROOORRRROOO....ERCH. what ya postin son, that is spam....we don't do spam.....back away from the keyboard and put your hands up.....don't make me go all festool on ya.....

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Well.....everyone who knows me at work knows.....I just play one on TV. :P

Thanks a lot guys! TiA is an awesome forum and I have been here since December of 2012. I love the site and the members. I joined another site last Christmas because of a gift I got, believe me when I tell you, this is the best site out there. No petty Whiney comments or snarky members cutting down others. Staff that watches and interjects.....this is a good place to be. 26 years of service to others and let me tell you....the only blue and black sticker on my Tundra is my Tools in Action logo (and Festool sticker.....cmon seriously? I AM. A snob). Happy New Years guys! I really look forward to this one!

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