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Who Needs An Impact Driver.....


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God didn't give me anything I paid for mine.......



God made man. Man made tools. If man made tools and God made man, then technically God made tools. Besides, I'm too old and too lazy to use those old caveman tools, I'd rather do a better job faster by using technology.




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when I was in grade school we walked 4 miles uphill, both ways.....my kids are to old for grade school now but they were just starting to bus kids regardless where they lived WTF? talk about how society is getting lazy.......obviously we use technology to help us but are we in the long run........

I use power tools 99.9% of the time but it is actually fun to grab the old stuff once in awhile......so I will grab a screw driver and start a screw for about 10 turns and then scream for my impact......lol

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let go old school, who needs to worry about batteries and such just good ol elbow grease....



I used one of these for years leaving my electric drill in the truck.  I used it to drill a entrance hole into homes to run a wire inside.  One hole per job that took 30 seconds.  Finding a electric plug available to outside the house unrolling a extension cord then re-rolling the cord took much longer and I my productivity was measured.  I used the most efficient easy method available to me.  If I had a cordless drill available I would have used it, but that was BC (Before Cordless).  

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