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Wife wanted a new bed so boxing day we found a fancy memory foam pillow top telfunkin u47 mattress for 60% off (still cost a fortune as far as I'm concerned) anyway they had a rustic frame on sale as well for low today price of $1900 .....lol I said I'll pass on the frame I'll make one for way less .....anyway here is the start of the Rustic bed frame........my favorite black ash again ( just love this stuff....and I have a shit load) stained in chestnut and will receive a few top coats of clear 

I counter sunk holes @ 9" centers to fasten the inner frame as I opt out for the box spring, these will be covered later with a cap.....that is pretty much what they wanted $1900 for......










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thanks guys , yeah funny story, my sister ordered approx 2500BF of tamerack and 1000BF of black ash for a camp she was building, the order came opposite wood amounts so when they got the order all figured out she ended up with 1500BF to much black ash which I got from her for a song......

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ya we bought a new temperpedic mattress and adjustable base as well last year and those frames are just so expensive.

and most of the time they are made cheap. so I told my wife, show me what you want and I build you on.

so I think this year I gotta tackle that.

she bought a bedroom set with a headboard but its to low for our bed, mainly because its just so old and beds weren't that tall back in day.

so I have to extend the legs, build side rails and also a matching foot board because that was missing in the set

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Nice I actually have to get around to making myself a bed frame right now due to the fact that I threw my old one in the trash after my family got a visit from bed bugs but there gone now so I need a new one because right now I sleep on a cot. I was looking at making one out of metal due to the fact that if the critters come back I will be more prepared.


Its always funny listening to people who build there own furniture because some stuff is so expensive then again in a few years when I move out I will probably do the same thing.


There is one guy I know who started wood working only because his wife was pregnant with there first kid and they were buying baby furniture and his wife wanted this baby change table that was 900$ and made out of MDF his thought was well MDF absorbs liquids and expands so not a good idea for a change table and that he got thinking that with his high school shop knowledge he could probably make a solid wood table for under 900$ so he spent 300$ on wood and 400$ on some basic second hand wood working tools fast forward 15 years he now has a full blown shop the table survived through 5 kids and after they had their last one it was refinished and now is in there front entrance and trust me it is the coolest change table it is solid oak with maple and cherry inlays and people have offered him upwards of 1000$ for it but he shrugs and turns them down.

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well to be honest I thank my father for this passion, he would build things for people as us kids were growing up and at an early age he would let me get involved...he was a concrete guy by trade but loved wood working as a hobby......he used to say "Even if no one wants it never throw a good piece of wood away, you can always turn it into a great piece of wood and they'll all want it!"........

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No one else in my family was ever a wood worker my grandfather and uncle were great handymen but never did woodworking I kind of picked it up by myself I started with scrap lumber as a kid in 3rd grade making things that looking back were probably the most pitiful way of wood working In fact just for fun I feel like making a list of my short comings.


-I was never patient enough to let glue dry.

-200 grit was the highest I would use.

-used screws were i should have used nails

-used nails were i should have used screws

-my wood was structural lumber and when finished still looked like 2x2s and 2x4s 

-my finish of choice was 10 year old stain that only worked half the time


Well the list could go on but really the thing that amazed me is that my mom always supported and congratulated me even though looking back my creations served no useful purpose and were quite pitiful, but then again with out that encouragement I would have never kept up with it, and maybe she saw that I would eventually become someone who can see something broken and with some tools, love and elbow grease make it work good again.

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frame mocked up with inner support glued and screwed, just some 45º gussets in each corner and cross beams to add then a 1/8" hardboard to finish it off....4 legs are glued with side rails coped to take the weight......this thing is solid.......DSC_0003.jpgDSC_0004.jpg

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