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Makita cordless trimmer router


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Unfortunatly I haven't seen or heared anything :)   At the end of February/Beginning march I will have the new info/conditions of Makita Belgium which will contain all the new things that we'll get in the following 6 months in Belgium.  


Belgium is most of the times quite quick with releasing new Makita tools. :)





Personally i'm hoping they will adapt this tool for the 18 volt range



710 Watt is something they can imitate with a brushless motor. No problem there.  It'll be a littlebit heavier with a battery installed I will think and Wider at the top ( assuming that's where the battery goes ).


They have all these nice accessoires and bases for it so ideally they should just adapt the motor on the RT0700 with a BL Brushless motor and a 18V socket... Ideal tool !


Limited runtime is going to be a problem I think tho.  I'm assuming that's one of the main reasons we haven't seen these things before except for the Ryobi P600.   That's also the main complaint you'll find on the P600.  As soon as you do anything other then light laminate trimming the run time goes down considerable.


If the brushless motor provides enough effeciency for a decent run time it really should be an option and a good addition to the Makita LXt range.




but.. nothing official yet unfortunatly =D

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I don't think it would eat batteries.

it would be like a skill saw  or  jig saw. they can sun for a long time  constantly working.

my dewalt jigsaw runs for ages on a 4ah battery.

with a brushless motor and 5ah battery I would think the run time would be good.


It wouldn't surprise me to see a trim router out in Makita shortly. they have to try and keep their title of the most tools .


judging my their 36 volt saw using 2 18 volt batteries I think a 1/4inch plunge router would work.

you have to realise that a cordless router would only be for small jobs where its not worth the time to set up a corded one

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