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2015, the year of team yellow!

Mr. Yellow

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Mind you, this is a quote from DeWALT UK on Facebook...


"In 2015 we’re bringing you our biggest update yet. Throughout the year we’ll be launching a whole host of new and updated products, with the introduction of a brand new range. Stay tuned for more information…"


That brand new range might be the 40V Max?! Wonder what they call it in UK/Europe.... 36V XR?!


Anyway, the future looks bright yellow :)

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Hey alright! That's awesome! I ended up joining the FOG last December when my wife, Samantha, bought my TS55. Great place for advice on Festools. I hope you like it here, really friendly chat from a great group of people. All skill levels to zero to full time pros! You should check ou the YouTube channel too!

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Welcome Alan M, 

Im another FOG convert over here.. I was very active on the FOG for about 1.5 years until i found this forum.. I have been visiting FOG less and less lately..  I think you will find TIA to be a much more diverse, fun place to be!

I have nothing against FOG, they never did me wrong over there, I still pop in from time to time to catch up and i still love Festool :)

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cant wait.

im hoping for

the 2nd fix nailer

cordless planer

cordless sander


maybe an adapter to make 2 a8v batteries into a 36v like makita


Hey man welcome to the form.


I'm sorry and hate to be such a downer right off the bat but makita has a few patents that would go against 20V dual 36 volt tools.

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2nd fix/finish nailers are a go. I wonder what we will see though. I hope 15GA, 16GA and 18GA, but I'm not sure they will launch all three...

It has to be this year. I wanna ditch those old clunky 18v batteries in favor for some 5.0ah packs with a shiny lightweight brushless nailer attached to it.

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