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New for Bosch Europe: Mitre Saw and Angle Grinders


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GCM 800 SJ Mitre Saw


Seems to be a very cost down version of a Bosch Mitre Saw.


A single action Compound Mitre saw. 1400 Watts with a 70 x 270 mm Capacity.


13.5 kg.  Very light for portability.




GWS 17 - 125 CI(EX)


New 1700 Watt 125mm grinders.  In following Metabo with theirs.


With or without a disc brake.





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interesting on the miter saw.. makita put out a cheaper model earlier this year also, correct?   they must be trying to grab a new market of shoppers.. hopefully they dont drop quality much to get the lower price and end up hurting the brand.

if they are just ditching  few unnecessary options and accessories but maintaining good motors and solid accuracy then i think these new saws are great ideas    

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Yeah for Belgium's pricing the Mitre Saw is really Cheap.  The Angle grinders are just really expensive :D


Makita put out the LS0815 about half a year ago.  Pretty much thesame mitre saw.  small differences in Capacity.  The Makita is abit Pricier tho :)



In a week or 2 i'll have these in my shop and can comment more on them :)


Bosch has bene bringing out more and more 'cheap' versions of tools to be more price competitive in Belgium.  We have a few cheaper build rotary hammers /  a circ saw / cordless drills  and now the mitre saw.


Pricing strategy for getting more customers i guess =)

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