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Why I hate Home Depot....


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I don't actually hate HD but I hate going there some times especially when I'm having a weak moment......went there this morning to buy a SINGLE plastic Bucket......3 lousy bucks and left with a $200+ receipt ...picked up a fuel saw and spare 40t blade....



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Oh the offer gets better was in Canadian dollars and due to the fact that oil is down and the US economy is getting better the price is around 142$ after you convert to american.

no free shipping so after sale price is more t get it to me......sad edit:never mind cheaper with shipping cheers.....

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no free shipping so after sale price is more t get it to me......sad


Bummer ya some months they offer free shipping in Canada for orders over 150$ and under 50 pounds. But then again why would I need that I work there.


But shipping to the states is only 25$ so with shipping to the states that's only 163$ american. Any of you guys want a cheap fuel circular saw, fuel grinder or fuel sawsall. 

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dude, I just ordered both the saw and the grinder plus more stuff....I need help....lol


DGC Dust Collector Power Tool Switch 
Milwaukee FUEL 18V Li-Ion 5" Angle Grinder - Tool Only 
Milwaukee FUEL 18V Li-Ion Circular Saw - Tool Only 
Performance Tool Flexible Magnetic Pickup Tool 
Titan 3pc 6" Impact Driver Adapter Set 

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Yea its been a month and a half i'm getting paid to talk tools its great, well most of the time my job is being the teenage kid putting stock on the floor but they realized I know way too much about power tools to go to waste so once the school year ends and I can work full time my boss is going to make me one of the sales associate for power tools. Oh and its highly probable due to the fact that the store I'm in is the furthest store east I might be the one packing your order.


Its funny the Milwaukee rep came in this week it was the first time I got to talk to him and I kind of know more about the new stuff from Milwaukee than the rep apparently he is only kept up to date on Canadian releases not the British and American stuff. He had no idea they had 5ah M18 batteries or a cordless miter saw.

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