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Dewalt Jigsaw (dcs331) Problem: Blade Coming off Tracker


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Hi, I basically don't know anything about power tools, so I need some help. I just got a jigsaw, the dewalt dcs331, and I'm having a tracking problem. I know jigsaw's aren't meant for cutting perfectly straight lines, but regardless, for almost every blade I have (a set of 6), each one has a tendency to pop up and to the left off the tracker. The tracker is on the back of the blade, and is simply a wheel with a groove. Even when I have a straight edge lined up with the foot of the saw, the blade still ends up veering left, and bending, making a slightly slanted line. Is there a way to adjust this? Reviews say that this is a very nice saw. Is this something that just happens with all jigsaws? 


One possible problem could be saw dust. It has gotten quite dusty, so I'll clean it out soon an see if that makes a difference. 


Any replies are greatly appreciated.


This is the saw: http://www.dewalt.com/tools/cordless-saws-jig-saws-dcs331b.aspx


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Sounds like the armature is bent or loose allowing the blade to cock itself off center at some point during it's stroke.

That's just a guess based on the fact that I had an old B&D saw that had that problem once. Mine was 25 years old, so I just threw it away, but I were you I'd take it to the service center.

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I have that saw.

its great.

I think you have a dude.


have you the blown on. that will help keep the dust away (from the blade anyway)

jig saws don't like straight edges . if you are cutting a straight line you will have to have the base at a slight angle left or right. just like a band saw.

try it free hand


what are you cutting

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More than likely, the blade isn't being inserted into the clip far enough. This saw keeps a tight grip on the blade, but can be difficult to insert fully.

Make sure the "t" section of the shank disappears completely into the clip when inserting the blade. You should hear the blade click into place. This may require a bit of force the first few times. Mine did.

What happens is that the blade will be tipped forward if not fully inserted, allowing it to move away from the oscillator guide.

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