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termite damage


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ya i will prolly use the termidor SC what you can buy everywhere and what they gonna use too.

i will drill holes in foundation of the garage where i found the actual damage and some active ones plus around the house.


ya fipronil is in the termidor. ants is actually not a big deal here :P

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yeah i saw that product too.


just found a newer product - its called Termidor HE - you need less water and its more efficient.



Madman, I know the guy who did this video.  Do you want me to call him and see if the Termidor HE is worth the extra money.  If I remember it is almost twice the price.

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that would be amazing if you gonna do that.

if im correct - ya twice the money but you need less solution on 10 linear feet and its a bigger bottle.


Termidor HE - 79oz bottle for around $192 but it gonna cover around 250 linear feet

(video says it goes deeper in the ground and less digging / drilling)

2 finished gallon per 10 linear feet


Termidor SC - 20oz bottle for around $60 and it cover 60 linear feet

(one video on youtube said you need 3-4 bottles for one house)

4 finished gallon on 10 linear feet

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thats weird - because when you do easy math it comes up different.


Termidor HE , 79 oz bottle , 240-250 linear feet and cost $192

drilling every 18 inches, 2 gallon per 10 linear feet


Coverage Area:

Termidor HE will make 100 gallons allowing for 2,000 square feet of pre-treat termite control or 240 linear feet of application around the home.


Termidor SC , 20 oz bottle , 60 linear feet and cost $57 ( so to cover 240 lin feet you need 4 bottles; 4x$57= $228 )

drilling every 12 inches, 4 gallon per 10 linear feet


Coverage Area:

Termidor SC 78oz will treat 800 square feet when preforming a pre-construction treatment. 

Termidor SC 78oz will treat 320 linear feet when preforming a post-construction termite trenching treatment.

Termidor SC 20oz will treat 1280 linear feet when applied as a general pest perimeter spray around a structure.



oh hold on - i didnt see that you can buy Termidor SC in a 78 oz bottle haha - man that option was tiny.

so that bottle cost $180


so the difference is $12 but saves you drilling, trenching and hauling water, right...



man for that money i save; i can definitely buy a SDS drill - sweeeet 

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you definitely help me to make the right decision. thanks man.

ok so the exterminator came buy again with another guy and they located where they coming up. 

right in that corner where the main damage is.

so he said he would drill along the wall in the backyard in the walkway for about $700.


i gonna buy the taurus sc 78oz bottle and DIY that project. because it includes a free SDS drill :D

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