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optimum Ah on bateries

Alan m

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hi there

we have seen the rapid increase in AH ratings of batteries lately. 3 and 4 AH came fast but now 5AH is  getting there. now there are talks of 6ah coming soon.

where will it end


obviously the higher the AH rating the better but do you think there will be a tipping point where its not worth having more AH s

my guess is around 6ah for normal use and 8 -10 or lawnmowers etc. that you don't have to carry the weight


where do you think that point it

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Well not all lithium ion batteries are different they use lithium for half but the other half is another element or combination of a few different elements each combination has different properties so if they sacrifice some aspects they could go right now and get 7 amp batteries and 3.5 amp thin pack batteries but are they going to preform well probably not. This is why it took some companies longer to go to five amps and why some are already announcing that there coming out with 6 amp within half a year (Bosch). But I would say in 5 years they could make a 7.5-9 amp at the same size the current one is if battery tech keeps advancing, then again that's with the highest amp cells available not the ones best suited for power tools so I would say we will see 6 amp starting at the late end of 2015 and that everyone will have 6 amp just after halfway through 2016, Milwaukee is going to be last thought because they are very selective on what cells they use and look at the physical benefits long before the amp rating this is why it took so long for them to get a 5 amp out. 

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As long as the build quality of the pack and science behind it is sound the higher the better I say. It all comes down to the price per amp hour for me, and right now the m18 4.0 is the sweet spot.


Well whats the point of haveing one and a half times the amps if the battery has half the life and stops being productive at +5 degrees Celsius instead of being able to go to -10 degrees Celsius.


For me I look at the physical properties more I would take a Milwaukee M18 4 amp before taking a Makita 5 amp.

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Basically we are in agreement then, when I say "if the science behind the pack is sound" that pretty much qualifies that if the battery is useless half the year here in Edmonton, then the battery is trash, regardless of the amp hours.


Yea its the same here in calgary can't use my cordless tools for a good 5 months.

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