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Poor Mans Sawstop

Samuel L.

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So today at work I was helping a customer who wanted to buy a sawstop but was on a budget of 3000$ so we made up a combination of options that is almost 600$ cheaper than the conventional saw and has almost the same specs, and used the extra money on some nice accessories.


What he wanted was a 13/4 horsepower Professional series and a 36 inch T-glide fence but that was pushing his budget so far he wouldn't be able to buy an dado Cartage so we looked at other options and found that you can do some sick stuff.


What most people get 2990$:

  • Professional Series 13/4 horsepower saw 2784$
  • 36 inch T-glide Fence 242$

Poor Mans Sawstop 2408$ (582$ cheaper):

  • 13/4 Horsepower Contractor Saw 1937$
  • 36 inch T-glide Fence 242$
  • Cast Iron Wings 229$

The cast iron wings make the contractor saw the same as the professional series just smaller adjusting wheels, the factory stamped steel wings are what push most people to get the professional series.


I will include a Picture of the build the guy got.

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Hey Samuel, where do you work at? Im just curious, if you guys are selling Sawstop good for you! There's only two places locally (in NH) that I can think of that sell their saws.


I work at KMS tools we are one of the 3 retailers in the city i live in.


Can't you get a a addon to put on your existing saw? 

Yes you can just go to a dealer.

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