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I love Cordless Power tools


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2014 was the big movement for me towards cordless tools, I was against them in the past cause I felt they can't compete with corded power tools. However, the technology coming out now is amazing. My brand being the Dewalt 20v line of power tools. I'm at a point where the only thing I need a cord for is my Miter Saw, Table Saw, Rotary Hammer, Jack Hammer, Router, and Sanders. Everything else I have in 1 bag, call it my cordless bag.


I've been holding off on buying the Dewalt 18v Finish Nailers cause I think this will be the year they finally release the 20v Finish Nailers (crossing my fingers). I hate cords honestly, they tie you down. Tangle up, you trip over them occasionally. The beginning of each day you set up your cords, your compressor, air hose to the tools you're using and then you pack them up at the end of the day. That's at least near 1 hour each day just setting up and packing up unless you don't bother packing up and leave stuff lying around like a bum.


I love going to the jobsite each day with my cordless bag, setting up ready to go within the first minute cutting material while my fellow buddies(co-workers) are setting up their cords, compressor, etc. They haven't jumped on the cordless bandwagon yet but you know what, they're starting to because some days when its just 2 or 3 of us on a jobsite they don't bother setting up their cords, compressor, air hose, etc. They use what I have and I'm glad they do, they're starting to say "Man I need to get me one of those."


I think this year cordless tools are going to be huge and power cords will be seen less on the jobsite. It will get to a point where the only thing you actually need cords for is your Miter Saw, Table Saw, Jack Hammer and Rotary Hammer (though they have a cordless rotary hammer I don't buy into them yet, they require a lot of power to use long term. I feel like the battery might die fast but I should get one perhaps to try it out. I may be surprised). Everything else you can rely on cordless for (wishful thinking).

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I have to agree.

I have a dewalt 18v  drill , impact, jig saw, sds, vac , angle grinder, 1st fix nail gun.

I will buy the dewalt multi tool , dry wall cut out tool, 2nd fix nail gun,

I am also going to buy  the Makita. 36v circ saw, 36v sds, 18v planer, sander, 90 degree drill/impact,


probably a few more if I went looking at the catalogues


my aim is to be as close to cordless as possible .

the only tools I don't see my self buying are a chop saw, table saw, jackhammers etc.

although I think a good chop saw and table saw are possible, using 3 18v batteries to create  54v . I would like a table saw just for small cuts. make it the size  of a dealt tough box 

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