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i couldn't resist


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Do you do a lot of surveying work or use a rotary laser

no i dont but im planing on using it. thinking about building a shed in my backyard. so this one might come in handy.


Lowes has been clearancing all of their Bosch surveying, measuring, and leveling tools. I think they realized stocking them in store was a bad idea as they don't sell that many.

DR you are completely right. ya most of the leveling tools were already gone.


I just saw Bosch.

yeah - me too in the store haha


Okay....so Madman picks up a rod and GUYS are jealous?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

not jealous about the rod :P they prolly just like the price of that - saving big time.





oh and guys, dropped off my wife and work today and walked into another lowes.

walked thru the aisles and in the clearance rack i saw something blue - i def remember that color haha.

so i grab the item and it was a New Bosch BT160 - Aluminum Quick Clamp Tripod.

i looked at the price and it said $89 clearance price - original $99; but then i saw the text on that label and it said something with:

SKILL self leveling something, i didnt read that far and called the next avaiable employe to me.

he said, man ya u r right thats def not a skil product. 

then he check in the system and he told me its $7 - original $70. i was like WTF come again pls. haha

i told him if he would be so kind to print a new label for it.

paid the $7 + tax for it and walked out. 


def a great deal, i might throw in on craigslist or so. or it gonna be my new beer holder in my shop.




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