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Tying in new to existing


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Floors, don't think I've worked on one where the floors from the old home work. When tying in my floors, their is always a spot that is higher or lower than my new floor. Everything has been going smoothly and then this one small section of the floor that has to be the new hallway going into the new kitchen which has to be visually appealing and for me, right. This darn spot was out of lvl by 3/4 inches =( happened I think because its in the middle of a 26' long masonry wall that has been cut for new openings to lead into the new kitchen addition.


From the left side of the house in the back where the kitchen used to be is now a mudroom which leads into a small hallway and their to the right is the masonry wall in between the hallway and the dining room on the very right side of the home. The old joist they put in the hallway, they just allowed slots for the joist to slide into but forgot their level there I guess because the mudroom and dining room space is level and matches fine to the new.


Talked about it with the homeowner and he is happy I brought it up and I'm glad he wanted me to fix it because yea I can make it work but..its going to look like crap when hardwood gets installed. So spent about 5 hours on this floor, ripped the hardwood up, the subfloor which was just 1x6 boards (I forget the terminology of what its called sadly, maybe its just 1x6 boards I dunno lol) I cut 1 inch off the joist to nothing over an 8' span since the joist running into the mudroom are level and match new. Used a circular saw to do a fast rip and then finished it with my handy sawzall. Did this to the other 4 joist, sistered them up. Cut the new subfloor and just as I am about to install. Boss shows up and says he wants to change the direction of the hardwood, wanted me to put in blocking every 16 inches across 5 bays. Which is fine but, just more work and more money for the homeowner.


This turned into a rant, sorry about that. That was my day, how was yours?

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