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Festool Connect 2015 March 15th


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good reminder rego!    i havent yet booked my hotel.


do you mind me asking where your staying?   the last two years i stayed at the hotel providence which is about a 5 minute walk from the convention center and is a very nice hotel however this year i am considering the omni which is attached to the convention center and where it seems most of the guys stay.. 

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Chad and Regopit, you guys getting pumped for thursday?!?! I know I can't wait

it's gonna be a good time! Let's make sure we meet up, shake hands and grab a beer!

Anybody else going??

Chris, we will make sure to toss back a cold one in your memory! Haha


My plane lands @ 8am off to the hotel providence drop off my bag then walk on over to the Dunkin' Donuts center. ChristK this is for you


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sweet!!   see you there man


Your going to like hotel providence.. its a nice place, only a few short blocks away and very nice inside.. thats where i stayed the last 2 years.. this year i dragged my feet and missed out though.    im staying at The Dean Hotel which is actually right near hotel providence

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I would love to go to one of these! Definitely gonna be a good time with new tools. There is some talk of one more west sometime. If they did one close enough I would go.

you close to the Festool headquarters?  its in Lebanon, Indiana.   you would think they would have something around there..   if they ever do you should definitely go.. 

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