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Makita 18v 2.0 battery problems

Adam Empen

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I have a blue makita lxt impact driver with a 18v 2.0ah compact battry it seems to take longer every time i charge it, takes about 35 mins to charge wen i first got it it took 10 mins I work as a electronic demanufactur at the watse commission of scott county i use my impact every day 4hrs a day other time its sitting in cold weather Also very dusty conditions

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Can't be old because 2.0 amp is only out for a year.


Normal charge time should be around 25 Minutes for a 2 amp on a DC18RC.


" if" the batteries were hot then the charger would have cooled them down to a good temp before starting to charge them.


Drain em  ( no worries.  any tools that had 2.0 amp batteries with them has over discharge protection ) and try charging them again and check the time again.


If problem persist:  Take it back to your dealer and have it replaced. Could be a construction mistake :)

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The battery is less than 2 months old, iv also ran her dead once and thats wen it started i uasuly run it 1/4 to 1/2 then charge every monday -friday also i think it might have been messed up after it droped from 3 foot strong drill tho survived with a scratch and a bent 6inch extension but ill will try to run it dead

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