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Dewalt 5.0 AH Batteries


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same quality, same design, same weight, just longer runtime

I have about 16 in use


in Germany they are approx. 100€ each


and 6,Ah is also a bit away; tooo long to wait !!!!!!!!!!!


in this respect I just learned something interesting why companies are still holding back

(to produce / manufacture 6,0AH is Not the problem)


The Problem is shipping ; 6Ah batteries are in category hazardous material and have to be shipped in special way


and the value EU regulation can´t be higher than 100


example battery 5Ah and 18v ==> 5x18 = 90 (sorry don´t know the unit) so ok with "normal shipping"


6Ah x 18V ==> 6x18 = 108 !! > 100 = hazordous material ( I assume at least double price in shipping cost; so no business case, as the majority of consumers will not pay this 




good news:

EU is working on changing the limit value to 160 ( maybe end of year)


means also that shipping a DeWalt battery with 36V and 4AH would be ok

36x4 = 144; hence smaller than 160





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I think its going to be best to wait a year and sit this one out. Milwaukee was kind of slow to the 5.0ah game I wonder if they are going to go straight to 7.0 possibly the 1.0 increments are kinda getting lame its like Apple has got in the power tool market with incremental updates.

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Could you imagine an 8.0an battery pack. My concern at that point would be charge times and the only tool's that would benefit are the really high draw ones like saws and SDS drills for the most part. It would be cool to see an portable cordless jobsite tablesaw one of these days.

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I would love to see a small job site table saw .

I dint think it is that far away.

put 2 36v batteries side by side to create 68 volts and 5 or 6ah

I don't think you'll need that many volts. A photo of a 20V Miter saw was stolen of one of DeWalt's promo videos a short time ago.

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