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Eastwood Mig 175/VersaCut 40 Combo


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The Mig/Plasma Combo I ordered arrived yesterday from Eastwood as did the cart that I ordered separately and was not included in the set. 

I'm pretty inexperienced at welding and completely new to plasma cutting. We had a smaller Lincoln machine when I was growing up, and while I did learn the basics, I didn't log many hours either. I've been wanting to get a mig and plasma for a long time now, but every time I had the extra money to do it, something seemed to come up. With a 10% discount code this setup ships for just under $1,000. I spent an additional $100 or so on consumables, but theoretically you could get started for under $1K. That's a hard price to beat. It won't be used daily, or probably even weekly, so higher end machines were hard to justify and I fully expect this machine to be more than sufficient.

The welder is rated for mild and stainless steel from 24 ga. - 5/16", and aluminum from 14 ga - 1/4" with a 30% duty cycle at 130 amps. It does mig wire uo to .030, flux cored up to .035, accepts 4" or 8" spools, so I can't see myself needing anything more.

The plasma has a cut range from 24 ga. - 3/8", runs on 110V or 220V (adaptor cord included), and has an air consumption range from 5-7 ccm @ 40-60 psi. It has a pilot arc system (whatever that means), a 10' torch lead, and a built in moisture separator. Again, it should be plenty sufficient for my needs. 

The cart seems pretty nice. It took less than an hour to assemble and seems sturdy when finished. 

As an added bonus, the set came with a spool gun for aluminum. It'll come in handy when I get started on my trailer interior in the spring. 








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Thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go with 80cf bottles. I'll get a bottle of C-25 and a bottle of 100% Argon for aluminum. Most of my welding will be farm type repairs where flux core will be sufficient. I do want some gas for when ascetics are a concern though

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