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Craftsman Clamps/Spreaders.....


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so we are cruizin thru sears today and wife stops dead in her tracks and picks u a night gown 30% off she says......so we go to the cashier and she pulls out a card she got from a co-worker that gives her 25% off ANYTHING in the store except major appliances......so she pays and ends up getting 55% off???

I say this works on anything? ??? so upstairs we go to the tools as I seen the clamp and spreaders on for 30% off but just kinda thought oh well........so long story short I ended up buying the 6 only clamps they had.......2x8" deep 2x12" and 2x24" deep...... for a grand total of ......wait for it ...reg 2x$14.99 2x$16.99 2x$23.99 =$111.94 I ended up paying $53.90 taxed in...less than $10 ea

so far I tried a couple and they seem to clamp down pretty good.......anyone use these before?



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Wow, that's a hell of a deal. How long does a card like that last?

believe it or not May 13th 2015 says on back of card.......it is called a Sears partner discount card...guess its worth gold......

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Nice buy como I've seen those as we regularly stop by Sears the wifey loves to shop there and while she shops I go down stairs to the tool area I rarley buy anything but when I do it's at a great price I picked a craftsman wall cabinet for 37 dollars that had some dents in it I took that baby home and did some body work on it and looks pretty damn good now the only bad part is that it didn't come with all the parts to hang but that's l an easy fix I will take a pics when I get home those cabinets are exspensive man. Once again NICE buy Comp!

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