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Car keys


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I miss the days where you could go to any hardware store and say "I need a spare key" and they would say "No problem!" Now a days I get, "Oh we can't do that, that's a ""special type of key""" that only the dealer can make or a locksmith possibly" Who will then charge you an arm and a leg for a spare. I just want a spare just in case, 2 or 3. These newer vehicles coming out with their electronic keys can kiss my you know what, seems like any model of vehicle from 2k to now requires you to go to the dealer for a spare.


Done ranting, thanks guys.

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It sucks be the fancy electronic keys stop auto theft. Living by Detroit some I would see Dodge Ram pickups on a flatbed towtruck stripped all the time in the mid 2000's Dodge didn't have the best anti theft at the time back then Honda had some cars too that were very easy to steal. It sucks but its the way of the world some cars you can start with a smartphone.

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I remember going to the dealership after we bought my wife's van. We were in for some recall work and I told the guy why don't you cut me a key while I'm here just to have one. Not a problem he said. 100 bucks for the key and 125 to program it. I almost fainted! Technology is great but dang!

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