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Samuel L.

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So work is having a welding sale this month and the deals are real good the welders are priced very low, so take a look at the Flyer.


Here are 4 great welders, the Auto-Set is great for the hobbies and the Multimatic is great for portability at 29 pounds and dual voltage.


Miller Millermatic 141 Auto-Set Mig Welder 799.95$Can (640$ US)


Miller Millermatic 190 Auto-Set Mig Welder 999.95$Can (800$ US)


Miller Millermatic 211 Auto-Set Mig Welder with Free Welding Cart 1,299.95$Can (1040$ US)


Miller Multimatic 200 3 in 1 Welder with Free TIG Torch Kit 2,299.95$Can (1840$ US)


Shipping to the states should be around 80-110$Can (65-85$US) for a welder.


For all you Americans you have the privilege of having an amazing exchange rate at this moment of around 80 cents on the dollar so as a good estimate just take off 20$ from every 100$ on the flyer price and that's about the price you pay.


Here is a review on the Miller 211 Auto-set


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I tried welding once, its hard. I need more practice with it.


The Miller auto set makes it a breeze to weld nice beads.


yeah man the dollar is really strong right now or actually since weeks/months.


Its not that yours is strong, Its more like with the amount of oil we produce and oil tanking it we tank it too.

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these welders are for someone who is serious about welding, trust me ask any good welder with experience they weld by sound not settings.....and frankly the welding machine doesn't matter......

give you a few tips.....

1 clean the welding area best you can, sandblast if you can

2 always put ground closest to welded area 

3 buy yourself a can of anti-splatter

4 if welding stainless never grind with contaminated grinding discs (use 1 disc for stainless different 1 for mild steel never mix)

I could go on and on......

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I love welding!! I'm no pro but I think I'm decent. About 10-14 years ago I used to weld a decent amount.. not so much anymore but I really enjoy when I get to drag the welder out. I've got a lincolin AC225 stick welder and a Lincoln pro-mig 135. They have both treated me very well over the years

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That kid knows what's up... I bet he can lay down a serious bead

Last welding project I was doing was making a wheel and handle kit for my generator. The guy that works for me wanted to weld soo bad that I finally caved in and let him make one of the dozens of welds.. he kept telling me how he knew how to weld and did some back in college... he started laying the roughest bead I have ever seen and gave me that grinder line "we can make it look good with a grinder" sort of bullshit.. a few days later guess which weld broke... yup.. his! Haha. It was so annoying to have to drag everything out again to fix it. O well. Could have been worse.

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actually I was taught way back, and a lot of products were finished with welding exposed so no grinding was possible .......you touch a weld with a grinder......grind it all out and start over.......not to mention we had an in house welding tester running around spot checking all day long.

Welds had to be perfect .......(we did a lot of mining equipment and cranes who wouldn't want perfect welds)


CWB qualifications were through the roof for our shop....


• International Welding Engineer (IWE)
• International Welding Technologist (IWT)
• International Welding Specialist (IWS)
• International Welding Practitioner (IWP)
• American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
• American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
• Canadian Standards Association (CSA):
• Z662
• W47.1
• W59
• American Petroleum Institute (API)
and I wasn't even a welder by trade I just had to have all the tickets for my job (fabrication engineer) so I had to know how to weld as well.......
I would grab a machine every so often and show the boys I can shout out what we needed in welds and do it too....
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