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tap and die set help


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Gearwrench 75 piece tap and die set. A little expensive but built tough and well worth the money. Back when I bought mine I paid $225 or $275, can never remember which, but it's been a true performer and worth every penny. Google it. It'll be different prices at different places of course, but you can probably find a set for around $150 if you search good enough. Some people have made the comment that there's no good use for a ratcheting handle but they don't have a clue what they're talking about. The ratcheting handle makes it so much easier to use in tight spaces where turning a typical handle won't work. If clearing flak is a concern, simply switch the direction with the flick of a lever and clear the flak.





Northern Tool



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I saw an Irwin set at Lowes that was around $70 or so. I thought it was a little expensive, but that seems pretty accurate based on the research I have done. I liked the Irwin one because of the nice case it came with. Seems easier to keep organized with a case and what not.




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What type of threading are you planning to do? For occasional, general shop use a budget carbon  set like Tekton will do you just fine and Tekton actually warranties T&D's. If you're going to be using them somewhat regularly, it would be wise to invest in a nice mid range set like the Irwin PTS set or even the Gearwrench set Kato mentioned. Norseman also sells a nice carbon set. 


If you need to thread hardened steel you'll need a higher quality HSS set from Norseman, Morse, etc., and you'll be looking at a minimum of about $500 to get started. 

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