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Dewalt Cantilever Rolling Workstation


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I have one. I really like it for storing my safety gear (goggles, knee pads, gloves, etc.)...

The way it opens makes it not super ideal for constant opening and closing, which is why I use it for the safety gear. Not a lot of need to get at that stuff very often, after you get what you need.

I imagine it would be good for electricians, though. Seems a good way to lug around stuff one might need for wiring, and what not. And having it opened up, while working, seems logical and quite handy, in that situation.

All-in-all, Id say it's a bit of a niche item. But, very useful in the right situation. Pretty durable, in my experience.

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I had three of the Stanley ones. Kept them less than 90 days before returning and moving on to the Tough System. The cantilever ones are no where near water resistant and when I was working out of a truck, it made life difficult when we got those sporadic random rain storms in the middle of the afternoon.

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My only real gripe, is that it slides opens to the back. Makes it impossible to use if it's against a wall. I like to keep my toolboxes out of the way. But, this one has to be well away from anything behind it.

I can't overstate Mikes point enough. You'll need about 2 feet of open area in front of the damn thing to open it

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