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err, tools. 


I half-assed looked and didn't see a thread for this.




5" Fein angle grinder

Kobalt mongo 1/2" drive flex ratchet

4" and 4-1/2" cutoff wheels and grinder wheels

little tiny Irwin adjustable wrench (made in Taiwan and on clearance)

2x6" Jorgensen clamps ($5 at Ace)



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Yeah, something like that. I think Fein might be updating their line, so CPO is blowing out the old stuff. I already have a couple of 4-1/2" grinders (and a 4"), so I didn't check the price on those.


Still want to get a Metabo grinder, though...

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Here was a little buy from last night. I was burning some time in HF while the wife was doing her shopping in the same plaza
I've been wanting a set of these and was looking at much more expensive ones online.. these look like they should do the job just fine. The multimeter and tape measure were free. The organizers ended up only being $8 each set! They were on sale and 20% coupon off each. So all this for like $17 out the door!!


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Hahahahahahahahahahahah screw dem' be-hotches yo..down in da hood (you know, the eastern part of New Hampshire where you can hit a deer in the middle of the road at 7am) that's how we roll. The guys over there would have a fit if they saw my Ryobi Airstrike mailers in a Systainer! Ohhhhhhh and a Milwaukee assortment in there too???? Gasp ;)

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