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5 point laser


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Gpl5s    GCL25


Does anyone have a 5 point laser made by Bosch? Going to buy a laser soon and I am looking for feedback. Not really sure what one to buy, the GPL5S which does plumb and square ($199.99). Or the GCL25 which has a combination cross line ($349.99). Ant information or feedback would be appreciated.






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i don't have either of those but i do have two bosch lasers and they are both great!


out of the two you listed i would say if you can swing the extra cost then go with the gcl25    it is going to give you a lot more functionality.


I have the bosch 2 point plumb bob laser  gpl2 which works very nicely and i also have the bosch gll3-80 which is a 3 axis, 360 degree laser   that thing will do everything you need and more but you pay for it. 



another cool laser they just came out with is the gll2-20    its much cheaper than previous 360 degree options out there.. not sure if that would fit the bill for you

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i would buy one right now, but i charge quite a bit on my credit card from KMS :D (man i cant wait to get delivery haha )

first i have to work that off then thinking about another tool.

That's smart madman. Take it slow! tools will always be there, no reason to rack up tons of debt buying them

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