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Festool KAPEX Dust Extraction


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So the other day, I was commenting on the topic


The question was brought up about why the Festool KAPEX was brought into the loop. Well it's part of a system and when in that system, in my opinion, there really is now comparison. I'm not a tradesman but I have used a variety of miter saws with and without extraction. I put together a quick video about my KAPEX and the use of two different hoses and no hose in conjunction with the Midi DC unit. First off, I'm new at videos, it shows. Hope you like it!

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sexy sexy sexy!! ..........im talking about the saw just so were clear! haha..      nothing tops the kapex in terms of DC

the shop is looking great man, i wish you slowed it down a bit durring the pan around the room showing the " mess"  take it easy on yourself.. not only is it under construction but its a shop. they are very rarely clean lol

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Good job Chris. The shop is coming along great, looking forward to see it when its done. I'm really kicking myself for not picking up a KAPEX when they had the recon sale. I thought about to long and when I called they were all sold but, this time around I'm going to jump on it as soon as I see it.

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Thanks guys for the feedback. It's too bad you couldn't grab one Regopit. I'm sure you will at some point though. As fats as the blade KWC no doubt a good blade is important but zero deflection, no vibrations, smooth slide, finger controlled bevel dial, dust collection...;)

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