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Looking for a cordless Rotary Hammer drill


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Hello all , my quest to find a good cordless SDS Rotary Hammer drill has lead me to this site and its my hope that one of you might be able to point me in the right direction .

I am a plumber and I will often need to drill concrete ceilings to hang my pipe , these holes are usually 1/2 wide by 1 1/4 ' deep , I will need to drill between 10 and 20 holes to get started . These holes will in turn hold my shots to hang 3/8 threaded rod that I use to support my pipe or tanks .

I have been looking at a few cordless rotary hammer drills and today I almost bought the Makita BHR241 http://www.makita.ca/index.php?event=to ... 30&catid=2 but decided ageist it because the sales man really had no idea just what this drill was capable of producing .

I know that there are a few cordless drills out there in the 24 and 28 volt range that work great but , I was wondering if there might be something in 18 volt range that would meet the needs that I have for this particular tool .

Thanks for any info that you may offer

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Great question. If you are only drilling 20 - 1/2" holes for the day an 18V will get you buy, but you will be using a lot of battery, which in the long run will die out quicker. I know you want an 18V, but if you are drilling through concrete every day, I would get something bigger. It will cost more money, but in the long run it will be worth the extra cost. If you are set on an 18V, I would go with the makita you talked about. Very nice drill drill, great balance and good power. Again I would suggest upgrading to a more powerful drill such as any of the three below.




Personally I would go with the Bosch. Not as expensive as the Hilti, but Bosch makes one of the best drills around. You won't go wrong.

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