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Mad Framing Skills


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here a little post of the termite damaged wall i replaced today.

in the next days/weeks i will open a separate post of the whole process.

just takes a while to send the pictures from my phone to the computer, upload them after a long day.


that top plate is completely eaten up, specially the far left side:





ready for framing and the ramset to shot the 3" nails into the concrete - man that thing is scary :D



ready for action:



my little side table on the miter saw rail, holding up by the tiny dewalt clamps, they come in handy :D






after ( with bigger opening for the new door )




i have to do the top studs above the top plate going towards the roof with a bevel cut.

i just have to go back to homedepot tmw because the studs i bought the other day (because i knew i were short on studs, thats why i bought 5 more), they started to warp so bad that i couldnt even use them anymore. premium KD whitewood stud are crap when you dont use them right away.

kinda prefer the green doug fir studs . had 10 of those for weeks in my garage and they didnt warp at all. 


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And how do you like the Bosch miter saw stand so far?

im loving it. so quick and easy to set up and folding it back up. time and space saver for sure. just takes 40inches when its folded up and set against the wall. in the next weeks i gonna build some nice tables i can put on top of the metal tube from the extension wings.

something similar you see on picture #5

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nice work madman!    you thought you were just going to do a simple door swap!  haha   did you ever think you were gonna open up this can of worms?!    

in the last pic it looks like you still have some damage in the upper left corner of the pic on the drywall

thanks John.

first at all i just thought drywalling the garage, then ah shit we have to termites, then a shit severe termite damage, then ah come lets put a new bigger door in lol. actually i thought i would be done by now with the garage lol.

i opened more drywall in that room too, just to check if they damaged something there too. but lucky to me....nothing really to be afraid of.

ya the picture shows some termite signs, but actually they just had fun eating the paper from the drywalls. studs are ok.


here the pic where i opened the other side from the dining room, just to check if those fu**ers did something there too.




studs are ok


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awesome job dude, you should be very proud!....at this point doesn't look like I can give you any advice......other than IF you cut a 2x4 to short it .......it's still a 2x4.....

haha thanks comp :D


today i tackle the rest + drywall and install the new door. will build a custom threshold for that door. kinda dont like the aluminum.


oh and that project gives me the opportunity to install my washer and dryer + water heater in the garage.

the one open wall where all the wires going thru, ill add some pex pipes that i can put all the appliances in the garage and not like right now in a small 4x3 room where you can barely walk into with your dirty clothes basket. that room will be turned into a pantry.

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Looking good Madman, my Dad always tells me Doug Fir is great framing lumber....What model PC framing nailer you have? I have the FC350 for over 12 years and love it, don't use it every day but it's a Tiger

i just checked for the model - its the FR350, (Round Head Framing Nailer)

yours is prolly the clipped head model.

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Nice Job!


how's that porter cable pancake compressor? is it good for pro use, or is it more aimed to DIY'ers?

i have to say, first i was not so impressed when i looked at the pancake compressor at HD. 

but after using it i kinda like it. i think its for Pro and DIY'er. my friend builds custom homes and he uses this one all the time.

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i just checked for the model - its the FR350, (Round Head Framing Nailer)

yours is prolly the clipped head model.

Yes, mine is the clipped head nailer, I can use the same nails I use in my paslode cordless nailer... Holds more nails in the magazine then a round head nailer
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alright here we go.

so i want to move my laundry room into the garage as well as the water heater which is outside atm.

the old laundry room will be turned into a pantry as soon as i start to remodel the kitchen.

so i have to run a Cold Line into the garage from the main water valve.

which size does that has to be? i gonna use pex pipe because its cheaper and easier to use.

i saw 1/2"; 3/4" in red and blue and 1" in white.

because i have to feed the water heater and the wash machine + maybe a sink in the garage.

i was thinking about the 1" white going towards the garage. to feed the water heater, wash machine and sink.

or should i use 3/4" blue pex ?!?!

on the drawning you can see that i will run the pipes thru the opened wall in the dining room (#1 in the drawing), because on both sides i dont have a attic.

#2 is the wall i reframed because of the termite damage.

so and then when the water heater has the cold water supply, i thought about using 3/4" red pex going back in the house to feed the rest.


so what you guys think? did i choose the right sizes to feed everything?

i also have to install new sewage pipes in the garage. but thats a another game :D


here my quick drawing :D :D



thats the wall i run the pipes thru, left side is the garage, right side is the kitchen(kitchen attic)

i already bought the metal plates for the studs to protect the existing wires + the new pex pipes from drywall screws :P


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