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Flexzilla air hose


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Hey guys wanted to take a second and give you my take on the 3/8" x 50' air hose from Flexzilla. I picked up two of them from my local Menards about a week or so ago. One came with an accessory kit and all the fittings you need to get your hose and some tools setup, minus the Teflon tape. They come without the fittings on the ends like most hoses.

I have been fighting with air hoses for years and have tried them all. These will blow your mind! I know they blew mine. I watched all the videos on the subzero freeze tests and was impressed enough to buy them. If you have not seen the videos check them out. They place a hose in a chest freezer, pull it out, hold one end and toss it and it lays out straight. While I did not put my hoses in the freezer I do live in Northern Illinois so I would say that's good enough.

I got a chance to use them trimming out one of our bathrooms today. The hose laid down without a fight. I have my compressor in the garage and ran all 100' through the house to the bathroom with no tangling coils at all. Spinning all around the bathroom the hose didn't turn into a giant ball like most I have used, it just laid there. I normally do not do reviews and yeah it's just an air hose, but this seems to be a great product. All pros so far, I will report back if I find any weak links.


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MM the 3/8"x50' by itself was $29.98 with the 11 piece kit it was $34.99. Flexzilla also has garden hoses, pressure washer hoses and electrical cords.

Mike I am the biggest sceptic I know, especially when it comes to new tools and people trying to re invent the wheel. This one is a quality piece so far.

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Awesome John! If it lasts that long I will be happy. I have burned through two hoses in the last 3-4 years and that's just doing trim and soffit/fascia work. I am going to get a hose reel so I can keep it off of the floor and try to keep it around for a while

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I have been using these for a few years now. They are my go to air hose. I just recently picked up another 50 footer. They work great in the cold and they are always easy to coil up for storage.

I liked it so much I bought a flexzills garden hose last year.

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Man I absolely love the convience of the hose. I wish they came in a 3/4 version for our larger tools thoe, maybe they do an I just don't know. At work we use mainly the 1/2 flexizlla lines on reels in the shop. On service trucks we have regular rubber air hoses,I know one is Goodyear but not sure if they all are. Those things get the heck beet out of them. We keep extras at the shop to replace them when needed. Really thoe I think hoses are a ietam if you can expect to replace regularly. I mean when used daily it wears out no matter how good the hose.

Personally I own a 25' length 3/8 diameter flexizlla just to run my plasma cutter off of. I don't have a big enough compreser for metwalworking/mechanics air tools so I don't have any other pneumatics for home. It's really a great hose for me. Used it in the snow working out of my truck no problems, an no problems in 100 degree heat either.

Ime anther person who also recommends flexzilla air hoses.

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