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Big thanks to woodstockva and Steelman Pro.


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I was lucky enough to be chosen by Daniel (woodstockva here on TIA and Real Tool Reviews on Youtube) as a giveaway winner for an excellent 1/4" 160 tooth Steelman Pro Cobra ratchet!


I just got the ratchet the other day and must say i am very impressed with the ergonomics, build quality, solid feeling of the ratchet mech. and the overall look of the tool.   I cant wait to put this puppy to work


For any of you who aren't familiar with Daniels reviews i HIGHLY suggest that you go check him out over on youtube    https://www.youtube.com/user/dmcguinn1

He does some of the best, most thorough reviews that i have ever seen..   it is clear that he puts a lot of time and effort into what he does and we all get to benefit from that by enjoying his excellent videos.   he is constantly churning out new videos so make sure to subscribe so you dont miss anything!!


here is his review on the Steelman Pro ratchets


you can find a link to the ratchets below his video on the youtube page. 


Big thanks to Daniel and Steelman Pro for putting this together!!   






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Awesome man! I have been watching his vids for a few weeks. I enjoy Daniels videos very much, and appreciate the lengths he goes to to make sure all possible questions are addressed. I remember seeing this one but I didn't know about the giveaway. Those are some great looking ratchets.

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the Knipex Cobras are very nice!!   thats a great score.

i only have a pair of the 5" micro ones but its only a matter of time before i have a full set! haha


its funny how you won a cobra pliers and i won a cobra ratchet!!   maybe Daniel is a fan of snakes

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He's getting to be big time! I saw his smiling mug on a Milwaukee post in my Facebook feed!

Your right... he may have made it onto the Milwaukee site a few times but I'm not sure. I think I remember him and tool crazy being in an email Milwaukee sent out a while ago.. here he is on makita.com


Very cool stuff

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