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Husky Tool Box Mod


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Wow I really like the look of that box I have been thinking of modifying my tool box a little bit and love the idea of having the retractable power cord. 


One thing I want to do is make mine lock electronically by having to swipe a card on the front to unlock it. 

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Nice find!

I'm not sure but what I would have used a different cart. If that's the Husky cart I'm thinking of, it's pretty light steel. I guess if you don't carry a bunch of really heavy stuff around in it...

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Yeah, I'm kinda-sorta waiting to buy a box until I can check out the Milwaukee unit. If it's built like the DeWalt/Husky boxes, I'll probably just get an HF 44"er.

I really like that Dewalt box, I wish I could've gotten the base unit. Awesome price and I love the box but I'm not a mechanic so it's more for woodworking stuff!

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I have to say that is a great idea to be more efficient on the job. Seems like he really put a lot of good thought into every aspect of that cart. I have a feeling he gets the job done even faster at work now.

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That's really neat. The design could easily be modified to fit anyone's work setup. A few things I would personally change for my own setup:

Add a non regulated port for higher CFM tasks.

Battery with inverter and charger with a switch when a power source isn't convenient.

Some sort of integrated LED lights on the bench.

Built in surge/GFCI protection.

20 amp outlets.

Of course I don't do theater/stage work, so I'm sure there would be a few more mods is come up with.

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Extremely great build! Like RickyMcGrath said, it could definitely be modified to fit all kinds of work styles. I could really see this being put to use for a stage hand / roadie or guitar tech for a band.  Having done that before, it can be a pain rolling around cabinets full of tools and rigging equipment.  Never thought to build a sweet add on like this, it definitely would have helped out back in the day, haha!

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