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Drilling With Diamonds.....


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well had to drill small holes in the shower stall through ceramic tile,  the little diamond drilling kit I picked up the other day worked awesome......  without it this little task would have been a nightmare.......easy peasy 

the suction cup jig provided worked perfect for stability while drilling...........



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well seeings it is a small hole I just have a cup of water in my hand and every few seconds take drill out and spin it in water only takes a few seconds to drill through.....I guess a spray bottle would work but this way less messy....

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it sure is nice when you have the right tools for the job!   good stuff, man


I use a few of the diamond hole saws with no pilot bit but i havent seen that alignment jig ever.. usually i just run the drill at an angle until it starts to cut then slowly stand it up straight to complete the cut but its never as clean as your hole and there is always the chance that the bit goes skipping across the face of a few tiles before it gets started,  scratching them and costing a ton of time replacing tiles.. 

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