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Added CEN TECH Laser to my Delta Shopmaster Miter Saw

Dan Ponjican

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I have an older cheap Delta Shopmaster 10" miter saw. I've been envious of all the bells and whistles on the newer miter saws namely the laser guides. So I picked up this cheap laser guide from Harbor Freight. It's branded "CEN TECH" so I'm not sure if it's a HF exclusive or if this can be found elsewhere. 


Took some hacking but I got it to work on my 10" Delta ShopMaster saw. Great little add-on if anyone is missing this useful feature on your miter saw.




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Nice how-to installation video.  I noticed you edited out the "oh $%#@#, I put the blade on backwards" part out of the video. :D


I do have to say though, the proximity of your fingers to the blade made me think I was about to see a totally different sort of video.  I love using my miter saw, but you couldn't pay me enough to hold a 3" long 2x4 to cut it in half.

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First off, welcome to the forum and I hope you continue to post. It's nice seeing members posting videos! Good hack with the saw too! It must've taken quite a while to cut that piece out. As far as the cutting part you could just stack some scrap wood off to either side of the table of the saw for support of the wood to keep those digits happy and whole! Nice seeing you take care of that old saw, my Dad gave me his ancient Craftsman saw and I still use it today. Replaced the power cable and cleaned her up and she cuts smooth with a new blade.

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