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Video --- Festool Kapex miter saw custom extension wings, stand


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the latest video from yours truly :)

i thought this one was going to be a lot shorter but man, do i like to talk! haha if you get impatient, fast forward to the last 12 minute mark for a nifty feature of the wings (but i suggest you stick around for the entire show!)

most of the build is 1/2" ply except for the vertical stiffeners that run the length of the wings, directly behind the "fence" t-track. that is 3/4" it was put together with dados, glue and brad nails screws for the hardware.. its more than solid enough for any sort of material your going to throw up there..

if anyone wants specific info just let me know.

as always, if you get the chance, head over to youtube, click like, leave a comment and even subscribe if your into what i do!!

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Wow NER u did a great job on that video man very detailed and a lot of detailed work U put into those wings bro great job!

Thanks Mike, im glad you liked the video and the wings..    they did take a little time to design and build but im very happy with the finished product!  they do exactly what i need and want them to do.


i built them just after i got my Kapex which was about 1.5 years ago.. they have gotten a lot of use since then and have held up great

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i seen the pictures in the other post, really great work. but im just to tired to watch that video tonight....tmw is another day :P

I feel ya!  its currently 4:18 AM where I am  :wacko:   I just finished up some office work that needed to be done for tomorrow and about to head to bed for 2 hours of sleep!   Give it a watch tomorrow if you get the chance, its a decent flick :)

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Fantastic stuff John! Thanks for showing the details in the attachment. That part has eluded me and I've been curious what to use to do that. Are you using Incra t tracks?

Thanks man, the attachment method is something I changed at one point actually. At first I had the v's made out of wood and used very small toggle clamps to clamp to the saw but that wasn't as solid as I wanted.. that's when I came up with the parts from the ug wings.. seeing as my wings were already designed and cut to nest together perfectly and since I already incorporated in the t tracks for crown stops, the multblades adaters weren't going to work as well for me. I can send you all the part numbers for the festool stuff if you would like. I think it ended up costing less than the multblades adapters also..

yes that's all Incra t track.. the flip stops are the small aluminum woodpeckers ones.

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Great video ner, I can see where this would be a more stable work support over dewalts stand set up.

Thanks Chad, the folding stands are definitely great for fast setups and some of them can be pretty solid but the best part about these wings is that you have full support along the entire length of the wing.. no adjusting that extension arm in and out all day to fit to the piece your cutting!!


Another great video John, really enjoying what you guys are putting together .. That Kapex and Stand are the Shanizzle......

Thanks man!!  Shanizzle!!!  damn! now that's a compliment :)       glad your enjoying the videos!  as long as you guys keep watching them ill do my best to keep making them

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