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Checking in from Western NY

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Hi folks,


Have been watching the YouTube channel for a bit so I figured it was about time I join the forums.


I'm just a hobbyist, though I do use tools in my avocation as a volunteer firefighter. My day job is in technical support, mostly via message boards much like this one.


Had a bunch of Harbor Freight tools until recently. Got frustrated with most of them and bought a whole bunch of the Milwaukee M18 line as well as a number of their hand tools. We primarily use Dewalt at the FD, but have been having trouble with the 24v NiCd batteries so we're doing research on replacements.



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Hey Ben, welcome to TIA! I enjoyed being a volunteer fireman for about 5 years in the town I grew up in.. the town I live in now is all career FD so I don't have the option anymore.

Good move on the Milwaukee stuff, I personally use Makita 18v and Milwaukee 12v but they also have a great 18v line! I would suggest either Makita or Milwaukee for replacements at the FD but to be honest the biggest gain your going to see is ditching the nicd and jumping to lithium ion.

That Milwaukee red sure would look at home around the trucks!!

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Welcome to the form BenW! I have to agree with NER the fire department needs to upgrade their equipment as soon as possible. The Fuel sawzall is the best cordless recip out at the moment. That's that I would assume that's the cordless tool fire deparments use the most

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The new Dewalt 20v tools are miles ahead of what you guys currently have. You guys probably want individual kit boxes on a fire rig right? I would probably get an impact driver, wrench, sawzall and maybe the Dewalt metal cutting circular saw. That could come in handy plus it cuts cold. know some of the steel they are using in cars now is really really strong. So to do an extraction you really need good tools. You could use a circular saw for cutting venting but you guys seem to use chainsaws for that

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Thanks Mikey!


DR99: Yeah, I would like to get on an 18/20v Lithium system. The most important thing is the Sawzall for cutting windshields and sometimes A/B/C posts. We'd probably only get either an impact driver or hammer drill in addition, if I can convince them to do that.

We use chainsaws, K12 saws, and AMKUS hydraulic tools for serious cutting.

We'd definitely go for the individual kit boxes.

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