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12V Bosch Brushless Drywall Screwgun


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This has been a NAINA item for awhile and still is. But it is getting closer to us! This went live on the UK Bosch site. 




I think this would be awesome for smaller drywall projects. It also works the the same collated adapter as the other Bosch screwguns. 


It also comes with the new 2.5 amp batteries as a bump in power.

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I know!! I think it would be perfect for the amount of drywall I do. Bath's, kitchens, maybe a small basement. Small enough to fit in my tool belt. As soon as I can find it online I think I am ordering one!

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that would be a great first tool to jump into the 12V line :D


i was eyeballing the 18V model from germany. gun + lboxx + 2x 4.0ah batteries but i might changed my mind haha

Ha!! The 18v will be available in the US in April sometime.

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i would prolly use the 2.0 or 2.5 battery on that screwgun - then it would be still slim and easy to handle.

you wont recognize that a battery is in the tool.

the 4.0s are a little bit on the bulky side because of the size.


but its actually with every 4.0 which you see on market...

runtime gonna be awesome - no doubt

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