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Screw Gun Design Research Follow Up


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These are follow up questions for a design research project I am doing for a class at Arizona State University. I am researching electric screw guns and looking for any possible changes that could improve the tool's function.

If you would like to participate and answer the previous set of questions you can find them here.

1) What about the balance of the tool do you not like? (Too front end heavy, etc.)

2) Do you think having interchangeable cords would be helpful so that when you damage a cord or want a certain cord length you could easily change it?

3) Does your screw gun have a belt clip and do you use it?

4) I have found during my research that most people hold the screw gun by the back of the body and not by the handle. Do you find much use with the handle?

Thanks to all of you who have given feed back so far. It has been very helpful!

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Personally I like the balance and thats why I use it. Maybe I am just use to it. Interchangeable cords I think is always a good idea. I like it better for demo tools because they get beat up a lot. I would still like to see that implemented in the screw guns as it is a nice feature. I don't use a belt clip. I have a tool belt with all my screws and sometimes put the gun in their. I have a hard time with clips, it takes some time to get them attached to yourself, it is easier for putting it in my tool belt. That's correct, I see a lot of people including myself holding it on the back. It is easier on the arm. I hold the back of the gun in my palm and use my ring and pinky finger to pull the trigger. This way I am pushing and it is easier to control the gun. At least for me.

You should get a couple more responses back on this. I know a couple of the guys who uses this forum, went up to MN for ice fishing. They get back today or tomorrow.

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Good Questions. I use a screw gun about 2 times a week. I have a Dewalt and suits my needs. It is not too heavy, but I would say it is front end heavy. I use the handle, but that is the way I have always used this type of tool. I could see how holding it in the back would work great, but I just prefer the handle.

I use a belt clip that i actually attached to the tool, it holds it ice an tight. I think the cord would be a great option. I had to replace my cord on this drill befefore. Not that it was hard, but it would be a lot easier to have a cord that was easy to change. Does milwaukee make one? I know on their Sawzall they do and a couple of drills, but not sure on the screw gun.

Are you going to post your results here. I am just interested to see what data you have collected and what other think.

Who ever runs this website, it is great. I have been reading this for a long time and figured I might as well put my two cents in. Keep up the great work.

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The cord idea is great. Changing a cord on a power tool easy, but I would rather keep a spare just in case. Changing a cord does take time away from the job site. This would be a nice option to just uplug and attach a new one, one would take a couple of seconds.

For the belt clip, I would like something fast. Sometimes the belt clips are hard because they are so tight, it almost takes two hands to attach the tool to your side. I think a holster would be better. Something I could attach to my tool belt or belt and the screw gun would slide in and out easy.

Holding the screw gun on the back does make it easier. I always switch back and forth, not sure why.

By the way, ice fishing was great this year. Didn't catch a lot, but it was fun up there.

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