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I'm a first year Air Conditioning apprentice, looking to start my tool collection.

The first things I will need are an Impact Driver and Drill combo.

I'm looking for any advice I can be given.

As a starting point I've been told by workmates that I should be looking at anything that is 3ah and up, as well as 18v minimum.

I have also been told that brushless is best, but I have been wondering whether it is really worth the cash.

I have been looking at all brands but seem to have a bit of a liking for Dewalt for no apparent reason.

I have a workmate who uses Makita and a few other mates who swear by Milwaukee.


With my limited experience these are the best deals I have found/considered:





In conclusion swing us your knowledge and advice, help me make a more informed decision.


P.s. I'd like to try and pick a tool company I can stick with.

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i think the first job is work out what tools you will need or want down the line.


you will want an impact for screws,

drill for drilling

mini grinder

sds drill


a portaband  would be hand for unistrut etc

I think an impact wrench would be handy for bolts and large wall fixings

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I do nog know the dewalt or AEG tools but that dlx2000 set is an excellent combo to start with. Strong but compact drill. A very Nice impact.

Both brushless tools and a industrie fastest charging time. No doBtime because of battery charging.

Makita also had the largest 18 volt selection available so getting a cordless sds/ grinder/ etcc on thesame batteries is no problem at all :)

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All of the manufacturers make quality tools (even DeWalt, LOL). You need to either try out your co-workers tools or go to a well stocked store and see which fits your hand best. Personally, I would go Makita or Milwaukee, but nobody will fault you for choosing Team Yellow.

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Welcome to the boards!

Any of the top tool brands will support the needs of your trade. I agree with the list Alan provided. Are you on the commercial or residential side?

Either way you will find yourself needing to cut strut, drill into concrete, set anchors, test equipment, assemble racks, and work on some ductwork.

Does your shop/training school outline the tools you are required to provide yourself? This can be a huge help in getting you the bare minimum of what you need. Then with a bit of OJT, and seeing what the journeymen are using you can figure out what will make your life easier. I am not "Requiered" to have most of the items in my truck. But if I did not have them I would be working 10x harder.

Remember you are a first year so ask questions to the guys in the field who are supposed to be training you. They should have a wealth of knowledge about your trade and it's only in their best interest to make sure they teach you all the tricks. Good luck in the field!

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Cheers Everyone,

This is good help.

Poison fangs, we do commercial, industrial and residential. We have a drop saw, grinder/s and threaded bar cutters supplied by the work shop for installs.

So a circular saw is probably low on the list of things I will need.

Impact driver and drill will be first, then things like insulated screw drivers, insulated pliers, insulated side cutters, insulated vice grips, multi meter, mega meter, temperature sensing aperatus of some kind, r22 and 410a gauges, vaccum gauge, scales, pipe cutters, expanders, swaggers, reamers, benders, map gas and torch.

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I'm seriously leaning towards the AEG combo I posted earlier. Pretty sure they are brushed, but they have a 6 year warranty. That should cover burn out right?

Does anybody have any good online store or stores in the Brisbane area of Australia that they would recommend, a store that will 'look after apprentices'.

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Aeg makes decent tools and you get 5.0 ah batteries with that kit. Here in the usa they offer a lifetime service agreement if you register the tool. The other thing is you don't want too nice of tools on a jobsite if its a shady area or a time where its really wet and muddy you might want a beater drill and impact later on Ryobi is really good for that. They are good enough to do most jobs, but if they get lost stolen or broke your not out of a ton of money. SDS drill is nice to have later on for lots of concrete work they just eat through masonry compared to a normal drill driver hammer drill.

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Is it worth while splashing out for brushless stuff at this stage?

If so, would you still aim for brushless stuff with high ah ratings?

From what I can tell the pros of brushless is efficency and longevity, but the cons is obviously the price.

Where as brushed can burn out but are cheaper and with a decent ah rated battery should be able to go for just as long.

Do drill warranties often cover burn out if they are brushed?

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I have Makita 18v and really love it. Excellent quality, huge selection of tools

You really don't have to concern yourself with brushless.. it's not necessary to have.

I will probably take you 5 years or more until you need to change the brushes on an impact or drill.. also, when you do need to it will only cost a few dollars and can easily be done in a few minutes

when you have complications with a brushless tool it is usually electronic and the entire motor and internal electronic board will need to be replaced.. probably a $100 minimum parts bill and a longer wait to have your tool back up and running (if it's even worth fixing)

Don't let me scare you away from brushless, I own many myself.. just trying to show you that brushed are still very relevant

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