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DeWalt 20v trimmer - yes it's good!


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yeah i can definitely imagine that.

1. gotta wait until fall because Bosch gonna release their Blower in EU. Depends on price if i gonna get it.

2. if its way to pricy, then i go with Dewalts Blower

3. i hope that dewalt has a promo soon for the 20V blower

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Agree Proto I'm not gonna give up my gas blower yet, if u get the chance bro u gotta try this blower out it really impressed me and I know its not Red ;) but try it man and of course it's no gas blower but it did real good blowing my little avocados that fell and lil tangerines in my back yard it even blew the rocks back into place where my kiddos ride there bikes.

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(Rather than make a new thread I'll post this here)


I've just used the 20V trimmer for the first time and I'm VERY impressed. It's the Australian version which has a wide guard and is a type 2 build. It's supposed to be a Christmas present so I've put it back in the box (the wife will never know).


I had it running on low and it did everything I threw at it (what would be classed as home owner trimming). I definitely could have pushed it harder if longer grass was available. The high setting seems to have a good amount of power and I don't think there's been anything I've done in the past that it couldn't handle on high.  


Very smooth, great feeling grip, although a bit too front heavy and perhaps a little short (I'm 6'3"). It's probably fine and just a matter of getting used to the new ergonomics; I only just used my gas trimmer 2 days ago. 


I do not like the 33cm swath but I'll get used to it. Until now I've been using a 41cm swath so this seems way too small. I'm also used to a small guard (like the USA version of this), so the guard seems huge!


I think I do have some regret not getting the flexvolt for the larger swath and longer length (it was $140 more but included a free 6ah flexvolt battery), although I figure it would be heavier and have less runtime. I wish I could have tested them both before buying. 


This is such a great tool though, and I'm looking forward to doing a full yard with it.


Another tick for Dewalt. Every tool I've bought from them I'm impressed with. 

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I just had this thing running in 39C heat for 20 minutes. Definitely impressed with the runtime. It's still showing full charge (90% was on low speed).


I still don't like the 13" swath and after using it some more it's really the only thing remaining that leaves me to question whether I should have waited and went for Flexvolt (15"), Ego (15"), or even M18 (with it's 16" swath!). It's perfectly fine though, I'd still recommend getting this trimmer. 


It looks like there's another 1/2" of room under the guard so I'm thinking of making a custom blade to get the swath up to 14". If people are running larger line then I figure the extra length with the standard line should be ok.



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10 minutes ago, Jronman said:

@D W could wait for the new 40v which is going to be 17 in.


17 would be great.


Because the 20V swath is so short i'm finding that the bump feed is almost constantly in contact with the ground when the trimmer is angled downwards to trim the grass low. Maybe improving my style will help, but I suspect the trimmer head is too big and the line too short.

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17 minutes ago, Jronman said:

@D W what I was told back when I worked for a pro mower was to keep the string/cut parallel to the ground. Some cases may require a bit of tilt. I would say a 15in is a good all around size. not too big but not too small.




I think I've developed a bad style for edging due to using a gas trimmer that wouldn't run when tipped to one side.


I edge front on (with the edge directly in front of me) while walking sideways and moving the trimmer up and down as I go along (with a slight angle to trim it down to ground level). In some ways it's a good way to edge as it saves line (it doesn't contact the concrete/ground) and allows you to keep holding the trimmer in the normal position. I only started doing it this way out of necessity.


I have to say, this 20V trimmer is very easy to use when turned it on it's side. Much faster edging than how I've been doing it so far. 

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