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First ever on-line power tool and machine recommender


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Toolsandmachinery.com, a family owned company in the heart of Salt Lake City, has just released the first on-line power tool and machine recommender, http://recommender.toolsandmachinery.com/. Meeting the ever-growing demand of on-line consumers toolsandmachinery.com has developed a feature that will eliminate the tediums of Internet searching and painstaking stake-outs for the right tool or machine. For every degree of craftsmen, from average homeowners to professional contractors, their power tool recommender combines the smarts of time-honored craftsmen, technicians, and manufacturers to produce the best recommendations for individual needs.

After a few short prompts the recommender transforms consumer information into concise, personalized tool recommendations. Simply click to answer a set of three short questions and within seconds the tool provides professional, authentic tool and machinery recommendations.

With toolsandmachinery.com's product recommender, real expertise is now available with the click of a mouse. Finding the best tool or machine to fit individualized needs, something that could feasibly take days or weeks, now takes only a few moments with all the best information on the industry's finest power tools and woodworking machinery, all in the same place. The recommender provides personalized, specialized advice based on specific needs, “and you don't have to be a connoisseur to know you're getting good information.

You can't find something like this anywhere else in the tool community. It is one of a kind!

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