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I sometimes browse the internet looking for tool innovations, and at one point run into the European market for tools there I found out that most well known manufacturers as Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and many others make a Table Miter saw combo machine, but for whatever reason has never been offered in the US, I have been doing installations as a professional for over 10 years from Interior Trim, Flooring to Windows and Doors, to make a long story short, I have been craving the above mentioned machine, well finally there is a manufacturer that will sell it here in the United States, it is a little pricey but for someone who makes a living moving to 2 to 8 job sites in a a single day it may be well justified.


Here is a link to the tool I want to get the opinion of fellow woodworkers and re-modelers.




Also if anyone has an idea why these hasn't been offered in the States sooner, I understand It has been available for quite some time overseas.



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We have talked about it before and the general though was it wouldn't pass some kind of safety regulations here in the states for them not to offer it. Like you mentioned for certain guys it would be huge like a guy that does flooring or trim work.

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These are pretty cool. Saw one for the first time a few years ago while visiting Europe... it could be perfect for certain trades or smaller jobs. As a carpenter/remodeler I just can't see it fully replacing my miter saw or table saw..

You could make a killing selling these to guys that install laminate or engineered flooring.

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