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New Echo CS-490 Chainsaw


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I recently got a new Echo CS-490 Chainsaw.  This is a brand new model from Echo and is targeted for the mid-level 50 cc market.  It has features normally only found on professional saws, such as magnesium case, quick-remove cylinder, auto adustable oiler, side chain tensioner, and inboard rim sprocket.  Best of all it only weighs 10.6 lbs and cost $350.   http://www.echo-usa.com/Products/Chain-Saws/CS-490


Here is a video review I did of the Echo CS-490.


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The muffler on this saw is extremely chocked up, with only 3 small notches in the deflector.  Really don't see how it breathes, but seems to perform decent.  It does want to bog if you lean on it in 14 inch plus wood, but hopefully it will gain some power after breakin.

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Jus purchased my first echo equipment within the last year and so far have been very please..have a hedge trimmer & weed eater..plenty of power and start so easy it's a joke!!

Have been eye ballin an echo saw for a few months but I don't have enough need for a premium saw:/

I'd recommend echo to anyone..it's no STHIL but IMO believe better than husqvarna!! (And I'm a husky fan aswell)

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I did a muffler mod on the saw today.  Will post a video of the saw with the muffler mod and cutting the same wood as recorded when all stock.  Must say that opening up the exhaust really woke this saw up.  Also removed the high and low limiter tabs on the carb adjustment screws and richened up the high about 1/8 turn (counter-clockwise).  The saw has better throttle response and running about 1000 rpms higher at WOT.  Also not wanting to bog as much if you lean on it.  Will keep it at 12,000 rpms WOT till breakin.

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OK Guys,  Here is the Muffler Mod Video.  Must say the muffler mod really woke up this little saw.  Mind you it's still not a hot rod like the Husqvarna 346xp, but still has decent performance.  Hopefully will pick up some power after breakin.


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Thanks for the input guys.  I also have a Husqvarna 346xp, which I also did a muffler mod and changed the coil to an unlimited one.  It's a real ripper!!  Of course they no longer make it and now only have the 550xp, which is stratto design with an auto-tune carb.  It's harder to find a true 2-stroke (non stratto) pro saw these days with regular carb.


Actually I might go turn that 346xp loose on that log (lol).  Also have a pre-stratto Husqvarna 372xp, which is ported with a muff mod.  Talk about a screamer.  

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I hate to say this but I think 2-cycle is dying. 2-cycle will always be supperior due to the higher rpm's, cause it always take more torque out of a 4-cycle, in order to do what a 12,000 rpm 2-cycle can do. But the EPA are not going to stop until they get rid of 2-cycle technology all together. And while there are some 4-stroke weed eaters, blowers, chainsaws that are good, they still lack power IMO. So I think 4-stroke mini engines have a way to go yet to be honest. Although, at the rate their going, I think it will only be 5-years from now and 4-strokes will dominte and the 2-cycle technology will be gone for good. So if you want that top of the line Stihl 2-cycle chainsaw, you better get it now.


The problem with these manufactureres is that they always talk about how quiet a 4-cycle is, how much cleaner burning a 4-cycle is. They never talk about how much more weight they are, the fact you need a harness just to use the dam things. And they also never tell consumers in their adds about the valve adjustment that has to be done often. When they develope a 4-cycle mini engine that is as good as a standard 4-cycle mower engine, then call me, cause otherwise, I simply don't care right now lol. When my Stihl is running good, when I rev her to WOT, that is revs so dam high it sounds like bees buzzzzz. lol


Most cheap home owner 2-cycle don't even come close to the power my unit has haha. And the reason I say when my Stihl is running good, is due to all this dam ethanol in the gas. Just the other day my trimmer was acting funny, I had to rev her up full throttle to try and clear it, and I noticed it wasn't running as high as it should be. I will have to check it the next time I use it, might need a carb adjustment, who knows.


There are no 4 cycle chainsaws yet :D

Dolmar is the only company to have ever shown a 4Stroke hybrid chainsaw prototype( Similar to stihl's 4mix system. 4 stroke engine running on gas/oil mix instead of using a sump ) on an 2006 expo.




50cc model.  and altho it kicked serious ass it was waaaaay too heavy =)


But 4 cycle technology is improving every year and 2 cycles are being 'pushed back' by EPA rulings  so it will be inevitable.


Just a note tho:  


The weight difference isnt that big as it used to be anymore really :)


Small Brushcutter. All around 25cc isch

Stihl 2Mix  FS94 CE                             4.9 Kg

Husqvarna 2stroke 525Rx                   5.1 Kg

Makita  4 Stroke EM2651                    5.6 Kg 


for a tool that yo do usually use with a harnas/carrying belt that 0.5 Kg extra on your back is not gonna make the biggest difference.  Tool balance is actually more important then actual weight !


Backpack Blower: 65 - 76 cc with comparable air volume/speed output

Husqvarna 570BTS 2 Stroke       11.2Kg

Stihl 4Mix BR600                          9.8 Kg

Makita 4Stroke EB7650TH           10.8 Kg


Altho the Husqvarna has a small edge in pure air output it is also the heaviest.  Here the 4 stroke models ( which both produce enough air for commercial use without a doubt ) are actually lighter then the Husqvarna 2 stroke model.     The Quality of the carrying straps / harnas and how the weight is divided on your shoulders/back/hips is ALOT more important then the actual weight of the tool.


Combi Motor 25 cc

Husqvarna 2 stroke 525LKX          4.7kg

Stihl KM 56 RC-E    2stroke           4.3kg

Makita 4stroke EX2650LH              4.6Kg


Not too much difference here :)  All within 300 grams of each other.  Husqvarna"s 2 stroke is the heaviest tho.





And valve adjustments are every 200 working hours.  Thats ALOT of hours really before you have to perform a simple 10 minute job :)       The 4 strokes of 5 year ago needed valve adjustments alot sooner. I totally agree on that.    But every 200 hours is not really " Valve adjustments all the time "   =)


just stating some 4 stroke facts ! =)

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This is an unscientific comparison of a Husqvarna 346XP and an Echo CS-490 Chainsaw.  The 346XP did not have a new chain but was using a recently sharpened full chisel chain.  The Echo CS-490 was using an almost new safety chain.  The 346XP was maybe a half second faster than the CS-490, but quite close in cut time.  I was surprised the Echo was that close to the 346XP.


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