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Expert 3/8" Impact Socket Set (E041643)


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So I was in the market for a set of 3/8" impact sockets when I stumbled across these:


The Tekton set I've had has been on the race trailer which turned out to be a logistical problem because the trailer is often at my father in-laws. It hasn't been an issue because I typically have multiples of most things, but not 3/8" impacts. On the trailer we stock only metric, but in the shop I need both, so this combination set really appealed to me.

With SAE from 5/16" - 3/4" and metric from 8 mm up to 19 mm in both deep and shallow, it covers everything I'll need in 3/8" drive. It also included a 3" extension and swivel U-Joint for a total of 42 pieces. The real star of this set (as goofy as it sounds) was they tray. I like the stability of trays and typically use the Hanson trays, but you lose the mobility of a rail in the process. This set offers both. It features a tray on which rails attach and can be attached/detached easily with 1 hand. Socket can be sat on the posts or locked on with a 1/4 turn. The tray really sold me on the set and I wish I could put every socket I have on this system. They don't sell the trays individually, but they totally should


The sockets are all 6 point, made in Taiwan, and seem to be excellent quality. As you know, Expert is Mac's budget line and this set can be had on the Mac truck for about $150. I highly recommend it! I may do a review on it, but we'll see


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man conductor those look real nice! that tray look good fro storage and keeping them organized,  ive been trying to build tools up my garage at home so that I can take on more side jobs from the house at my own pace which has been goin good, I stalked up on a lot of Tekton impact sockets that u suggested to me awhile back and they've been great I even bought a second set of 1/2 impact sockets for the shop and haven't used my snap on ones for abouit 6 months now these Tektons really take a beating. 

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Thanks PTN!

The Cr-Mo (Chrome Molybdenum) impacts such as these are more sought after, but the Cr-V sockets such as the Tektons have served me well and can typically be had cheaper.

I've beat the shit out of Cr-V sockets with a 1260 ft.-lb. impact on old rusty farm shit and have yet to encounter a problem

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