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Who knows Who in Sports or Related?


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not many

wife is first cousins with Ray Bourque

one of my buddies is married to Patric sharp's sister

I sold a poker taker to one of the staal brothers......

all hockey


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I use to work as a rep for a dietary supplement company so I meant a ton of different UFC fighters that we sponsored. One of the coolest guys that I got to hang out  with a few times was Clay Guida, he was just a really down to earth dude. I also had to work with a few of the different ring girls from the UFC but unfortunately they were usually miserable to work with and thought they were some a-list celebrities.


Currently I do some part time work at an athletic training facility in Western New York so I've become friends with a few different NFL players that were drafted from the University at Buffalo. One of my best friends actually just had a roster spot for the Bills but was released during the mini camps.

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My buddies fiancés cousin is Anthony Castonzo on the Indy colts. I see a lot of sports players and celebs when I work at O'hare. I have unknowingly told Martin Short to respectfully get the F out of my way several times when we did the admirals club remodel for American Airlines. Once I realized who it was I told him I was a huge fan, but stay out of the way haha

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My Grandfather was really good friends with Pete Rose, Lou Piniella and Hulk Hogan. One of my good friends is the Tampa Bay Lightning emergency goalie, he's practiced with several visiting teams when they have injured goalies for their morning skate. I am friends with the girl that Brett Favre texted his...you know the story. I know a few reporters, one former reporter turned HSN girl and a rising comedian...think the comedian has a show with Joe Rogan this weekend. I'm friends with Craig Ramsay's son, Craig played in the NHL and has an equally successful coaching career. I also know a girl married to Brandon Davis, a racecar driver.


Most importantly, Emilio Estevez follows me on Twitter haha...but also seriously.

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