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Oh yea, Homelite is the other TTI brand I was thinking of in the other thread!

Believe it or not, Homelite was at one time the first name in chainsaws and IIRC they invented the 1 man saw. My grandpa was always logged on the side and while he had several saws, the one I remember the most was a 1050 Homelite. Even when I was a kid it was older, but with a 36" bar and weighing at least 20 lbs., it was a beast of a saw.

Homelite was passed around a few times and as you would expect, the brand lost it's consistency leading to lower quality and reputation. It was owned by John Deere for a time and when TTI got it back about 15 years ago or so, they went full blown consumer grade. You won't find a Homelite on a logging site now, but they used to lead the pack.

And I do agree, today's Homelite pretty much sucks

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Have any of you ever look into the origins of chainsaws? It's pretty scary ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chainsaw#History

The medical field is scary close to the power tool field. Every Time I grab a tool or organize the garage, my wife says something along the lines of "I use one of those all the time," or "I used that today to drill someone's femur out." I'm like "WTF?"

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When I was a kid one of our farmer neighbors had one of those Homelite saws.I never seen him use it.But can remember seeing him with it.He had been out cutting small trees out of a fence line with it.Not sure if there was some kind of advantage or not.But this guy was an extreme cheap skate.So more then likley he saved a few bucks when he bought it.

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